TEDxVienna: CITYx 2014


The sun rises, draws restless lines from rooftops to street corners. People slip through shadow and burst into light, coming and going in all directions like synaptic charges, humming electric. Who are these people? And what is this place, solid as stone but always in flux, in plain view but impossible to see? It is a riddle and a paradox, much like the people that give it life. We call it CITYx.

CITYx is an idea, a question, and a challenge. It is the individual dreams, risks, loves, and actions that collectively shape the city. CITYx is the individual people who shape their city, and it is the city that shapes its people. CITYx is kaleidoscopic, it must be seen a thousand different times, from a thousand different angles. CITYx belongs to the people who see it, who inhabit it, who engage it, who invest themselves in it, whether for an hour or a lifetime. CITYx is what we make it.

x is the unknown, the variable, the becoming. x is independently organized. x marks the spot.
Join us at TEDxVienna’s CITYx event on September 25th, 2014, and discover the city you only thought you knew.

Link to the TEDxVienna CITYx 2014 event and all speakers and their talks: http://www.tedxvienna.at/cityx/

World Treasures of the Past and World Citizens of Today | Steven Engelsman | TEDxViennaSalon

The value of trespass | Bradley Garrett | TEDxViennaSalon

Museum as activator, museum as activist, museum as agitator | Pedro Gadanho | TEDxViennaSalon




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